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2 year old Room

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see".                                              -Edward Degas
Ages: 2 to 3 years
Teacher/Child Ratio: 2:12
Welcome to the 2 year old Room.  Our goal in the 2 year old Room is to provide your child with a loving and fun, learning environment.  Typically by this age, your child has developed a solid eating and napping routine.  In the 2 year old Room loosely scheduled centers begin, such as:  calendar, dramatic play, reading, art, sensory skills, outside play, etc.  In addition to sign language, we begin to teach basic Spanish and start to focus on colors, shapes, letters, numbers, etc.
At mealtimes and snack we encourge the kids to try new foods, use untensils more often, drink from cups, and use their manners. 
While Creative Kids does provide diapers, many kids are ready to begin potty training at this age, which is made easier with a bathroom right in their room.  Teachers will encourage the kids to "try" so that even if they are not ready to potty train yet, they are in the habit of sitting on the potty.
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