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School Age Room

"Children are the living messages we will send to a time we will not see." 

-John W. White Head, founder, Ruthford Institute

Welcome to the School Age Room.  In the School Age Room we have different goals depending on the time of year. 

During the school year, our School Age kids are at the center after school, early release days and non-school days.  The kids arrive from school and sit down to an after school snack.   From there we encourage the kids to work on any home work they have with the guidance of their teacher.  When homework is done, we have a variety of age appropriate activities, such as:

-Puzzles        -Books are available for all levels        -Board games
-Blocks          -Age appropriate toys                              -Outdoor play

In addition, we do have a computer available and a TV for the occasional movie.

During the summer, we change it up a bit.  While all of the above activities are still available, the summer is a lot more exciting.   We go on 1-2 field trips per week and take additional trips during the week to the local parks!  All the field trips are included in the "Summer Camp" rate.  Here is a sample of some field trips.
Ages: 5-11 years
Teacher/Child Ratio: 1:14


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