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Meet Our Staff ...

Jessica Grosso is the ​Owner, Director and the Infant Room Lead Teacher at the center.  She has her Associates Degree in Childcare and Development. Jessica  has worked in the daycare industry for for 12 years both home daycare and groups centers and started Creative Kids Daycare center in April of 2009.   In addition to her babies at the center, Jessica has a 1 year old son of her own.


Elizabeth Marshall is the Assistant Director/ Administrator, Cook and Float at the center.  She has her Associates Degree in Hospitality Management.  She has worked in daycare for 4 years and has been with Creative Kids since opening day.  Elizabeth's prior professional experiences includes restaruant management and accounting.  In addition her daycare family,  Elizabeth and her husband John also have 3 daughters of their own.

​​​Kathy Grosso is our New Enrollment Coordinator.   She is responsible for correspondence and arranging tours with interested families.   In addition to her behinds the seen work, she is a Cook and Float at the center.  She has worked in daycare for 4 years.   Kathy, along with her husband Ron, were the motivating force behind center's opening.  In addition to raising 5 children of her own ( including Jessica and Elizabeth)  Kathy has done in home daycare and currently runs a sucessful Property Management Company.


Natalia is the Lead Teacher in the 2 year old room.  She has been working in daycare for 12 years.   Natalia is bi-lingual and has a knack for 2 year olds.   Natalia is married and has 3 children and 1 Grandaughter, Bella.

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